Who Shares your Water?

Many cities, countries, and peoples, are tied together by water – by our shared experience, memory, and use of it. Cambridge Art Galleries and BRIDGE invite our local communities to contribute to this major collaborative project of community art, events, and conversations about our common waters. Common Waters will consist of a diversity of outlooks and opinions that discuss the future of community and our relationship to water.

Common Waters, the theme for this series, addresses our relationship with each other and our environment. In our increasingly divided world, we have a responsibility to actively engage with our community at home and abroad to strengthen human solidarity. From the connective banks of the Grand River to the oceans we share, we must look to each other for compassion and empathy as our identities evolve in our global world. The treaty land we live on is a chance for us to come together as a community, creating provocative conversations about how we can work together, make, learn, understand and look for solutions to the problems facing all of us in our shared world today. Common Waters is a platform for us all to discuss the future we want, and to connect with each other through these discussions. Focused on water, these discussions are a way to talk about ways we connect in both a local and wider context.