Water Bound: Book Binding Workshop

Last Saturday, Judy Major-Girardin ran a book binding workshop in the BRIDGE Storefront space. Focused around our natural environment and our means of representing it, the hands-on workshop was also a chance to learn more about the Grand River and its history. With our books in hand, the workshop ended with a trip to the banks of the river where we wrote, sketched, and painted in our new books.

Beginning with an overview of the history of the Grand River and the Haldimand Tract that we now live on, Judy led us in measuring, marking, punching, and threading our books together. The art of bookbinding is an old one, rooted in a time long before any of us today. Working with analogue materials gave us all a deep appreciation for the energy, resources and cultural value of our artwork. The discussion around making the books and our environment - both historical and physical - that Judy facilitated really made this workshop a thought-provoking and fun event.

Come and see two participants’ books, and some of the tools and materials used to make them in the BRIDGE Storefront on the Archive Wall.

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