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(Past) Lecture: What Happens to the Water After it Rains?

  • Cummings Theatre at the University of Waterloo 7 Melville Street S. Cambridge Canada (map)

Stay tuned for reflections and updates on this past event.

When it rains, it pours. And pours. Whether you believe the erratic storms and increased downpours are attributed to climate change or our planet’s natural evolution, the frequency and intensity of precipitation is on the rise. So what happens to all the rain after it falls?

The word ‘stormwater’, which is a term to describe precipitation once on the ground, typically invokes images of fenced stormwater ponds or catch basins that take rain from our streets and pipe it underground. Stormwater is typically not treated before it reaches our waterways through the closest and quickest route. This important topic has immense implications for our communities and environment, but is often overlooked or misunderstood by many people due to it’s technical and complex nature. This lecture aims to demystify stormwater management by exploring how landscape architecture and the design of public spaces can be effective stormwater management solutions that protect our water systems.

This talk will be led by landscape architect Yvonne Battista with process design engineer Genevieve Kenny. Yvonne is a landscape architect with 19 years of design, construction document and public consultation experience. Yvonne has worked on many of DTAH’s most complex landscape and stormwater management efforts, finding design solutions to infrastructure challenges that are both technically and aesthetically outstanding. DTAH is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary design firm known for award-winning planning, landscape, public realm, and architecture projects including as the Evergreen Brick Works. Genevieve Kenny is an engineer at RV Anderson in Toronto, with over 16 years of experience including work with industrial water processes and stormwater management engineering.


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