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Meet, Gather, and Share - A Walk Led by Janice Barlow

  • Augusta St. and Water St. Cambridge Canada (map)

These streets are tributaries on the east bank of the Grand Heritage River at the point where it straightens and widens in Cambridge. A natural gathering place that spawns biodiversity and Grand visions.

Join Common Waters Artist-in-Residence, Janice Barlow, at the Northwest corner of Augusta St and Water St for a walk and to learn more about this important point along the river.

Street parking is available.

We suggest that you wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and bring a refillable water bottle.

Rain date is Tuesday July 23.

Delta Dawn 
By Janice Barlow

Sitting in stillness
A stranger by the river
...hears a voice in the wilderness cry
Its never to late
To take the time
To appreciate
How all make
Our world great
Big & small
Short & tall
Black & white
Darkness, light
Win? Fight?
Wrong? Right?
Day Night
Finish Start
All play a part
Road of life
Right Left
Listen and learn
As the world turns
Up and down
Inside out
What's it all about?
Follow lead
Live in your heart.
Play. It's a new day.

Artist Biography: Janice Barlow

"Nature is the perfect picture, an inspiration and part of all. We are all related by its beauty and balance" - Janice Barlow

As a friend once said, "JB you're just a creator." This statement perfectly describes Cambridge artist, Janice Barlow, who believes that all manner of doing can be seen as art. Janice's multi-disciplinary approach to art becomes an all-encompassing experience for the senses and she draws inspiration from nature, history, heritage, culture, and the Grand River.

Janice has been a long-time contributor to the Arts&Soul program and will take over as lead this fall. She is an advocate for the GCI Amphitheatre, and her family has lived in Cambridge for over three-generations.


All Ages




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